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Acsibi Caves
Acsibi Caves

Acsibi Caves Tours and Activities

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Tucked in the Calchaquíes Valley lie a series of caves carved by Mother Nature from the red sandstone of the area. Accessible only on foot, the caves were formed thousands of years ago and are famous for their unusual formations and for the light that filters through gaps in its ceiling, creating an abstract vision of shape and shadow.

The trek to the caves begins near the mouth of a canyon along the River Montenieva. As the trail climbs, the canyon narrows and the trees and cacti begin to disappear. The otherworldly landscape — dotted with historic landmarks from the ancient civilizations that once lived in the area — culminates at the caves, made all the more impressive by their secluded location.

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Finca Montenieva Seclantas, Preguntar Por Fido Aban, A 3 KM al sur del pueblo de Seclantás - Casa de Campo Finca Montenieva de Fido Abán, Salta Province, Argentina

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